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The days of weaving a tapestry with my feathers



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It supposed to diffuse

How can I put this

I'm an indepedent woman

I've been crying like a child

I just wanted you to know the person that I am

More than any other of your fans

I will love you for a thousand years

Yours truly

I ain't gonna play it cool

Let me tell you, I've tried that already

Every day and every night

Your words ring through me

Who am I trying to fool

Honey, I've been living on my own, like Freddie

But I'm still a woman

Baby tell me how

How could I ever love another

How could you say you don't remember?

God knows I'd give anything

For just one more night together

Today I miss you more than ever

How could you say you don't remember?

This one's for the happiness

I'll be wishing you forever...

This One (Crying Like A Child)/Utada


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