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Discovery and Creation

It's always there.


Science is discovering the principle of the universe.

We do not create it, but discover, dis-cover.

At the same time, we are a very strong creator.

I'd been longing to be a somebody, somebody very special.

But one day...I realised that I'm nobody.

I'm just, just a person who gathered things like somebody's ideas, thoughts and way of living.

That was one of the most hollowed-out moment I'd ever had.

"Am I nothing....?"

But the other day, a great teacher came in and told me that I'm everything.

He said that "information"and "knowledge" are completely different.

"Yes, you do gather sombody's information, ideas, thoughts and whatever,
but what you really need to do is changing the information into knowledge.
Accumulate any sorts of information, and pick whatever you want from the bank.
And weave the things into an unique "only one" tapestry in your way, your own way.
Nobody can do that but you.
That's "creation".
You can create everything with those information."

What you choose is what you are.

You can choose anything, anything you want.

You know that, don't you.


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