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The one who scares me the most

Are you feeling blue again?

Oh God, again?!

I have heard of you in these days, thousands of stories of you

that struck right at my heart.

Everything you've done are all so admirable, really...

then I become so sick of me, inevitably...

I'm somehow so tired of the "dirty" feeling I've had for you

...then I again become so sick of myself for thinking in such a way.

You seem to be so unimaginable...way beyond my imagination.

(Is it true? Do I really feel that?...PROTECTION!)

How could I ever think that I feel an affinity for you?

How could I ever hope to be with you, stupid?

With knowing and seeing nothing about you,

how could I blindnessly imagine the outrageous "Love Story" with you?

And like all the above,

I again yell loud enough to make my girl cry,

and bring her to the ground, or far deep in the ground...again.

With remembering your words full of wisdom,

do I still commit lies full of tears desperately?

I really don't know what I'm doing right now,

and I totally don't know who you really are...

You for me now are an unknown quantity...who scares me.

I miss you... no, I don't...

I do wanna confess my love for you, I'll never ever do that to you!

My bipolar merry-go-round keeps going round and round and round...

Facing up to my feeling for you without glancing away is the greatest challenge for me all times,

but to be honest...

it's the most desired experience that I've been wishing,

and you are the most beautiful spark that I wish to keep watching

...for now.

I love you.


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